Sandwich Luncheons

Our sandwiches are made for you daily with premium ingredients, organic produce and assorted artisan breads and buns prepared locally by Graham's Bakery

Assorted Deluxe Sandwiches  

A selection of sandwich fillings that may include the following
  • Tuna salad
  • Chipotle chicken salad
  • smoked turkey
  • egg and thyme salad
  • pastrami and provolone
  • smoked ham & havarti
  • roasted vegetable and hummus



Assorted Wraps  

A selection of freshly sliced meats & cheese, vegetables & salad mixes. Varieties may include
  • feta tomato & cucumber
  • creamy chicken & avocado
  • club wrap
  • egg & thyme
  • tuna niciose salad


Assorted Signature Sandwiches  

Roasted free range chicken breast
with spiked basil aioli
Tuna nicoise salad
Roasted rare beef
with horseradish mayo
Prosciutto and provolone
with preserved peppers
Smoked salmon
with caper cream cheese
Black forest ham
with triple crème brie
grilled Mediterranean vegetables
with goats cheese